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About Health Tourism


Health Tourism :

 - Health Tourism is a form of tourism that is performed to improve, achieve, and retrieve a person's physical and mental health more than 24 hours and less than a year

Health tourism is today one of the most flourishing sectors of health industry over the world which attracts the attention of most countries to the health tourism development

 - Health tourism is one of the most important branches of tourism industry and has high economic and social benefits; people travel to access therapeutic, health and surgical cares in this process

 A health tourist can use the target medical services with vacation from his/her permanent life settlement to retrieve one's physical and mental health. This type of tourism is fortunately prevalent in Iran and attracts many tourists to our country from the neighboring regions to benefit from medical and treatment service


Types of Health Tourism:

Divisions presented for health tourism are different which in a general classification are as follows:

- Wellness Tourism:

Travelling to health regions and the areas having mineral water sources and warm water to get rid of the stresses of everyday life and revitalizing without intervention and medical monitoring and in cases where the tourist has no specific physical illness is called Wellness Tourism. The patients spending their convalescence can accelerate their improvement using natural facilities and caring plan with the supervision of the therapist.

- Curative Tourism:

Travelling with the aim of using natural resources (mineral water, salt, mud, etc.) for the treatment of some diseases or passing the recovery period under the supervision and intervention of a therapist is called Curative Tourism.

- Medical Tourism:

It is another type of health tourism that the journey is carried out with the aim of physical therapy and doing a type of surgical operation under the supervision of therapists in hospitals and medical centers. In this type of health Tourism, the patient may require the use of spaces of medical tourism services (such as spas) after being cured and treated in which his travel may be completed by travelling to the places where these facilities exist.



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